MAY 2005 interview i did with "rant"zine from the where i hang my work each month. 

Here I've outlined an Interview I previously did concerning some of the aRtists I'm inspired by, and whom I admire.  They truly invest themselves in the aRt they make and have left a lasting impression on many people.  I am intrigued by the Unique Flavors of aRt and personal expression they bring to the World.  There's so much to say about various aRtist Contributions, Fisher Investments, and spending time listening to Musicians who awaken your senses with their unique aRt forms.  Some people, when asked who they're inspired by or whom they admire, can come up with a short, quick list of names: Simon Beaufoy, Ken Fisher, Nelson Mandela, Andy Warhol, etc.  I like to put some deep thought into my own list, which is outlined below.  I find it difficult to narrow it down to a certain number of aRtists, but I've done my best.

the question:
rant: 10 artists, any discipline, you most admire?
 shannon kringen:

 wow! i cannot narrow down to only 10!

 i will group them-
 visual aRtists


i'm drawn to visual aRtists that use themselves as a
canvas-through literally bodypainting themselves or
some sort of self portrait via painting/video or
 sabrina ward harrison
 is a collage aRtist who has written a couple amazing
 full color collage books called "spilling open" and
thrilling life" she is wonderful.  she teaches
on "how to be and express your authentic self". her
reassures me to stay on the path i am on exploring who
i am
and sharing it as boldly as i can to anyone interested
hoping to have a good effect on others- spreading
tending the garden so to speak.
asya schween (
 is a brilliant photographer who does very haunting self
 portraits with dramatic lighting and texture.  her work
 looks like paintings but is photography.  her work is
 moody and a bit disturbing which i like.  we need the
edge in life as well as the 'fluffy clouds'.  she's
 like the neil young/tom waits/bob dylan of visual aRt.
 poetic work rough around the edges.
 miranda july

 i met miranda when she was doing a video zine project
 miss movieola" i contributed a performance aRt video of
 mine.  she does fascinating non linear performances
 her voice and visuals projected behind her in a very
 simple way.  her work is extremely unique and hard to
 define.  it does something to my mind.  changes my
cells or
 something?  she's mesmerizing.  her work gets better
 better and keeps changing which i find very
 ana voog
 i found ana voog online in 1999 and have been hooked on
 site anacam ever since.  she's a multi media aRtist.
 mostly a photographer but also a painter and musician
 writer.  we've become friends.  i hung out with her in
 minnesota where she lives and we did webcam images
  she's incredibly talented and has a fascinating sharp
 exploring mind. her voice is beautiful.  she's very
 and funny at the same time. 
 cindy sherman
 cindy sherman is a fascinating photographer who mostly
 self portraits in a very cinematic way.  you don't
recognize her from frame to frame.  she creates a
 mysterious scene and you get to fill in the blanks.
 her work is called "untitled #65" etc.  very intriguing

laurie anderson
 my uncle introduced me to laurie anderson when i was
 i've seen her live- very powerful show.  laurie kind of
 reads between the lines for you and you fill in the
 blanks-she leaves room for you to connect the dots.
 work is mostly musical-i don't think i can separate her
 audio from her visual actually.  it needs to be
 she's got a great mind that sees things very
 than most.  i guess ,that,to me, is what aRtists are
 to shine light and give voice/vision/birth to things
 otherwise unseen by non aRtists.  to show people a new
angle on something.  it's like adding a previously unkown spice to the soup.  it nevers tastes the same after
 frida kahlo
 frida was a gorgeous passionate painter.i'm inspired by
her ability to turn her painful life situations into very unique moving paintings.  

 hundertwasser (

 hundertwasser is an incredible abstract painter.  a
 contemporary of gustav klimdt (spelling?)  i was introduced to his work through my mom who is also an aRtist.  i
grew up with hundertwasser posters on our living room walls.  his work is vivid bright colors with very organic plant/cell/biology inspired shapes and layers.  he also
designed some gorgeous buildlings in vienna austria.  i
visited them!  he didn't believe in straight lines.  he had a whole philosophy about man making artchitecture that would harmonize with the shapes and forms of the
natural world.  he had roof top gardens incororated into the buildings.  he did many hotels and resorts in europe. 

one of the most dazzling building designers i have ever seen!  a little like hundertwasser- timeless old and
shapes that almost seem from another planet.  ancient and
modern at the same time.  i went to barcelona spain to see a cathedral by gaudi. breathtaking.  i love the shapes.
my own abstract work is influenced by both hundertwasser and gaudi.  


 jeff bridges
 i met jeff briges while i was an extra in the film
 "american heart".  he starred in and co-produced the movie
directed by martin bell who also did "streetwise" a
documentary about homeless seattle kids. (both very
touching films.) i introduced myself to jeff tapping him on
the shoulder and gave him a photo of me in hand painted
 boots i made.  he responded very kindly and told me he
 also paints and does music and photography along with his
 acting.  he has a very lovely website with hand
drawings by
him and links to his music and photos and film
 and end world hunger links- he does humanitarian work.  i
admire him for being a stong aRtist and a humanitarian.
 benicio del torro/christopher walken/river phoenix
 benicio is a wild being!  his acting hynotizes me.  i
 actors who have such unusual ways of speaking and using
 their mannerisms to convey feelings/thoughts in a
 scene.  i
 feel similar about christopher walken and marlon
 they make every line have depth and subtext.  they
leave room for interpretation and don't make it all
 clear.  there is mystery in their work.  river phoenix
 this ability.  i miss his work!  running on empty starring
river phoenix is one of my favorite films. electric work.
 i love the work of: tori amos, bob dylan, tom petty, neil
young, leonard cohen, beck, moby and the local seattle
legends jason webley and
baby gramps!

 i met tori amos personally and painted her a pair of
shoes. since 1992 her music has reached me in my core.  i
think of her a shaman. listening to her music brings things to
 the surface buried deep within.  she's a child prodigy
 musician/composer/piano player.  incredibly strong yet
 vulnerable woman.   luscios work.  she says herself she's
 like garlic and anchovies. not everyone likes it.  you
 gotta want that strong flavor. she describes her music as
 "song beings" and sonic paintings".  her music is very
 visual to me.  when i hear it i see shapes and textures
 dancing and moving.  (actually i see shapes when i hear any
 music!)  i wonder if musicians hear music when they see
 visual aRt?  

since age 11 i have loved the music of tom petty.  he is
 one of my guides as strange as that sounds.  his music
 cheers me up when i'm down and jolts me with eNeRgY to get    back in the saddle and ride new trails. 
 beck and moby are both experimental "collage" musicians
mixing different styles/genres and making extremely
 jason webley is a local seattle musician.  he sounds a
 bit ike tom waits at times- but he has his own persona. he's
 sort of a pirate/wild pagan/folk/punkish/mad hatter sort of
 character on stage. his more serious songs remind me of
 leonard cohen (another musician i love) jason writes his
 own songs and works with brilliant puppet makers.  he's a
very talented performer.  hynotic and heart warming and
very funny rolled into one. 

          edie brickell.

          i saw here once live a year ago and took photos at the
          show! i was amazed they let me take my camera in.  the guy
          sitting next to me was recording the show! it was the first
          time i had front row seats to a concert!  amazing show.
          her guitar player is charlie sexton who works with bob
          dylan.  he's brilliant.  her new CD "volcano" is lovely.  i
           feel a kinship with edie's "earthy tom boy organic" way of
           singing and being on stage.  very natural person.  no
            makeup etc.  very different than most performers.  she told
            very moving stories between each song.  edie's married to
            paul simon and they have 3 kids!  very cool life she has. 

   i'm very moved by many aRtists.  there's a bunch i didn't mention! 

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