Musical Artist Shannon Kringen
2 Live Musical Performances
in Seattle

both shows with Claxton Kent!

Sunday March 9th @Chop Suey

1325 E. Madison
Seattle, WA 98122

Saturday April 12th 2014
@Cafe Racer:
5828 Roosevelt Way NE,
Seattle, Washington 98105

 9pm-12 midnight

Music and Spoken Word by Shannon Kringen
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Incast the Outcast:
Guitar by Astroblue
Lyrics and Vocals by Shannon Kringen

More by Astroblue here:

"Tame Shame, Invoke the Friendly Spinning Spoke"
Guitar by Astroblue
Lyrics and Vocals by Shannon Kringen


Goddess KRING with the very talented Claxton Kent:

 1. Portal Vortex.mp3
        2. Clean Slate Island.mp3
           3. Stacks of Waterseed.mp3
                4. carrot synKRINGnicity.mp3
                5. windsongSPIRALdrive.mp3

                     6. Infintite Intricate Patterns.mp3


 see me through abstraction

here are some of my  favorite musicial tracks.

you have my permission to freely download these MP3's

and air them on the radio, use them as a soundtrack to your video, if you are a musician mix in your own sounds

to my work and send it back to me altered.  this track was done that way:

1997EV Healing KringSpeak

many thanks to 1997EV for collaborating with me on that.

6 mininutes of Kring

Tangled Up In Green

more music i created here:


i love being interviewed. if you have a blog or radio show or magazine interview me= Goddess KRING, Shannon Kringen! i love love love being asked questions about my aRtwork and life and self in general! love love love it. thank you. i will promote it too and get more traffic to your website if you interview me! we can share links and both reach more people! yes yes yes. email me: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com

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i got written up in the stranger yeah!

LineOUT by Derek Erdman

Morgan's Martini Hour is hosted by Morgan Dusatko,

the same person who made this wonderful Kringumentary called Typecast Dragon:


Typecast Dragon from The Last Quest on Vimeo.

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