Head Shots By Shannon Kringen
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 Fiona among the Flowers

 Collage of Head Shots by Shannon Kringen 9/13

I am both a model and photographer.
I love being behind the camera as much as in front of it.
I have great empathy for models. I can help find your best angle
and help you relax to get great photos of you!

the person who hired me to photograph him recently emailed me:
"Thank you for making the photo session so easy and not stressful.
You are truly a very nice person and easy to be with."

You can hire me to Photograph you. Nudes, Portraits, Clothed, Costume etc.
I am very open minded. I prefer to shoot in Natural Light. Am open to your desire for location.

Headshot Session

email me  for details, rates, plans etc. 

I can do Traditional Professional Head Shots and Also Creative Portraits.

 Omari Taylor Arted in KringLayers

email me  for details, rates, plans etc. 

I shoot with a professional quality DSLR camera and lens.

More Head Shots
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I look forward to working with you,
Thanks, Shannon Kringen
Photographer and Model.




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