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who is Goddess KRING? ask me!

 magic love=  build on what you want, no fighting against!

May 2020 Video I made on: On building up what you want
instead of fighting against what you fear.
I want to keep my health and financial security.
Everyday I build on this. What do you want in your life?

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my latest project is a radio show!


 World Naked Bike Ride Magic Goddess KRING

I (Shannon Kringen) created the persona "Goddess KRING" when I created my own tv show
for public access television that aired weekly from 1996-2011

The character is really me but an exaggerated version of the less shy parts of myself.

My show consisted of me doing improvisational monologues,  nude dancing in body paint, 
spoken word poetry I wrote, slide shows of my photography with music I created as the soundtrack...
I created the entire show at home in my apartment with one camera,
one full spectrum light and sheets as backdrops mostly. 

I started with VHS tape then switched to digital format editing simply on a computer. 

More info:

I will have Goddess KRING videos for sale soon:

The Goddess KRING video
Archive Project Has Begun!


Here is my latest Youtube video:


catching up with you on my life and all the cool projects! typecast dragon movie, channeling yourself movie,
going to england in october 2015, dori monson mentioned me on his radio show,
kuow radio mentioned our movie and published a selfie i took and more!



Here is a Goddess KRING show from 2005


Here is Goddess KRING from the year 2000



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