Your Guide to Becoming a Local Cable Access Star

 by Sarah Taylor Sherman

 If you have lived in Seattle for a while or spent any time watching the eclectic programming on public access, you may have heard of Goddess Kring  (shannon kringen).

Most people cringe or guffaw when her name is mentioned, but one thing you can say for certain is that you know her. Some might even say she is a celebrity here in the Pacific Northwest. Goddess Kring is able to voice her opinions and show just about everything she wants with the protection of the First Amendment and the amazing resources of the Seattle Cable Access Network )SCAN). Other long time public access shows like Deface the Nation and KURT COBAIN WAS MURDERED have gained local notoriety through this fabulous medium of commercial free television.

SCAN, a private non-profit, began operation in 1999 with a law requiring cable operators to offer dedicated, commercial free channels to the City of Seattle. Public access television offers anyone the chance to write, produce, direct, film and star in their own televised show.

With over 500,000 people receiving cable in Seattle, it is a simple way to get your voice heard. It is easy to start utilizing the resources SCAN has to offer. First of all, SCAN offers all of its services at NO CHARGE! Film and editing equipment, studio time, and classes are all free. The only snag is that once you have taken the classes you must create a program to air on public access.

The process is very straightforward; first you must take an orientation class, write a proposal for a show, take short certification workshops and after a lottery, you are given a weekly time slot for your program. The rest is up to you. So get involved! Voice your opinion! Put on a show for pure entertainment! Reveal the most intimate part of you mind! The next orientation workshop starts on September 26. Call SCAN at 206.522.4758 or visit them online at  for more information.

Your Weekly Guide to Public Access

Sunday 10:30am Hootenanny:  A musical variety show.

 Monday 11pm Coolout 2GX: A hip hop and electronic music collaboration bringing together Seattle's underground cultures, featuring videos and on location coverage and interviews.

 Tuesday 8:30pm Northwest Music Scene: Going on its eighth season, this program showcases interviews and live performances with top Northwest bands.

Daily 3:00am Free Speech TV: Discussions about free speech issues.

Thursday 11pm Deface the Nation: Newsgags, surreality checks, special guests and local bands! If mass(ive) media irritation continues, rinse, repeat. Use only as directed.

Friday 7pm Handy and Bandy's Wacky Shack Funtime Hour: Take equal parts Jolson and Mr. Moose, add a pinch of Shirley Booth, and you get what viewers call entertainment Super Gods!

 Sundays 12:00am Goddess Kring: Improvisational expression created through fusion of body/mind/spirit.

Monday through Friday 5:00am DemocracyNOW!  Brilliant alternative news show hosted by Amy Goodman.  See

For a complete schedule of show listings, visit