GoddessKRING Interview    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1. At what point in your life did you know you were to become an artist?

i was born wanting to create and share with an audience. my mom works in clay and dad writes comedy and folk music...i grew up around expression. i grew up in southern california playing on the beach. my earliest memories are riding in our orange VW bug wanting there to be a BIG sign on the roof saying SHANNON KRINGEN IS GONNA BUILD SANDCASTLES AT THE BEACH...COME WATCH'. i am very sensitive and verbally shy- i found creating songs or paintings helped give me a 'safe' outlet to express through. i wasn't so shy when i had a parents divorced when i was 4. we moved a lot. the stress of this caused a lot of pain- which seemed to TRIGGER a feeling of being trapped and helpless. i have some shame about being born. my parents are lovely people who had challenges...i am so sensitive i blamed myself for their stress. i learned to 'hold back' a lot of my desires/needs. this TENSION caused me to want to on 'stage' and be seen. i felt invisible. shy and wanting to share Simultaneously!
my art is therapy- a sacred SPACE for my unique expression- my audience and i share a Circular FLOW.

2. How did the people around you react to this decision?

both my parents are very supportive. they both prefer a more private life than me...this has caused some concern on their part. it brings up some shame inside me- but i push through this fear and keep on sharing as boldly as i can. all of my friends support my art. i have learned to let go of those who feel compeitive with me or to critical of my need to 'let it all hang out'. i am not very social- it takes me a while to trust new people. i have a few close friends. i spend a lot of time alone creating.

3. As an artist, give us some description of how you spend your day.

rise @ 10am (i am a night person and i love to sleep and dream) have iced soy latte. check email/snail mail update my journal with new pics/words. make videos, paint- (i am now working on kringDRUMS= musical paintings you can drum on- currently hanging @ art/not terminal gallery in seattle) i work my day around my art model gigs. i support myself as a full time figure model for artists. i work each day to connect/express with my audience. i see them as one whole energy that i love. each day my mood is different. my modeling schedule changes every week.

4. What do you try to express through your art work as a whole?

i am very stream of consciousness. what drives me is healing and growth. i am always trying to find my soul. connect the dots of this huge everchanging uniVERSE. i play like a child in the sandBOX AND i am on a serious quest to discover what truth is. 'fusion drives illusion to erosion' is a line i wrote that seems to RESONATE on a deep level with me. it's about seeing the unity of all living things. how it all relates...i work fast and never know what the end result will be. video, painting, writing, recording, composing music on my keyboard, photography, webpages- i mix it all up. figure modeling is another creative outlet- i don't plan my poses- i just do a spontaneous dance and let them draw/paint/sculpt/photograh me!

5. I noticed that in your online journal you capitalize parts of words (eMOTIONAL, friendSHIP, enJOY, etc). Why?

i am a very sound oriented person- i create spoken word- KringSPEAK i call it...when i write i hear the words and i want to emphasize some of them. i see metaphor in everything i write about and observe. it slows people down the way i break words up- and my hope is to cause people to 'read between' my lines and probe the layers- the subtext...i also enJOY the way it looks! words fasCINATE me!

6. What do you WANT poeple to get out of your art? What do you think people ACTUALLY get out of your art?

on one hand i want my audience to be inspired/entertained and to feel PERMISSION to create themselves. on the other hand- I am seeking feedback- i like to throw something up there and soak up every response i get. i use the reactions i get to grow. i am searching for truth. too many people worry about being brilliant and perfect. they avoid creating something for fear it's not as 'good' as picasso or mozart etc. i say 'tame the shame...suck the sugar cane'. emphasis should be on expressing from your heart not trying to outdo someone else. my work triggers the full SPECTRUM of responses. some feel a deep kinship with my earthy, natural sensuality and some see me as some wacko- self obsessed freak! some go on and on about why my art is bad and wrong and shameful. i trigger anger in them. i wonder if i remind them of something inside themselves they are supressing and don't want to face! my main message is to trust your inner voice and express with it. don't follow the herd. be your authentic self and question everything 'they' tell you. 'authentic eJACulation of my soul...molten orange liquid glow...status quo takes it toll'.

7. "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery", how do you feel about this quote?

It's a paradox. Art is a container i pour my feelings into. What drives me to create is the search for truth. Questions dissolve into answers which melt into more questions...i don't know how to explain it really- but it goes in a Spiral. Levels of awareness.
It fascinates me how differently we each see the same artwork. We all have our own reLATIONSHIP to the work-like we do when relating to fellow human beings. I can only speak for myself as an artist-...I am forever trying to figure out what is true and what is illusion.
Artists play with illusion- which makes it a total Enigma/Pandoras box...

8. From looking at your work you seem like a very 'raw' straightforward kind of person. Is this so?

Yes. Very much indeed. I am very Open and honest. I tend towards being a bit quiet and introspective...a little bit of a hermit in my 'personal' life...very Revealing in my art with video, website ( ) and online journal. I have a few close friends i am very authentic with. At the same time- i feel very secretive and private!

9. Do you think we have progressed with the arts? Are there modern day Shakespeares, Van Goghs, Mozart, Chaucers, or Ovids? Are we descending in that area?

With the 'digital revolution' tremendous change is occuring. Andy Warhol knew what he was talking about when he said 'everyone will be famous for 15 minutes'!
On one hand- we can all now create our own website, tv show (cable access) and CDrom or DVD- which allows for a range in quality of what is seen- the full spectrum from masterPIECE to the mediocre...on the other hand- we all have more control and power over how we spend our time and attention. I think it's all breaking down into a big mix of Creation. What is a masterpiece anyway? who decides? With the web you can put your Expression out there- promote it and see what reaction you get back. People used to have put lots of money into promotion and had to know the right people to get seen- now we are free to promote ourselves. In music, theatre, film, visual arts...all of it can now be shared independant of the 'queens' approval or your social status's very exciting to live in this time of such fast paced change.

10. Who/what is your inspiration?

Pain and Beauty. The search for love and truth and healing. The desire to feel Whole. I felt invisible as a child...and wanted so much to have the SpotLIGHT on me...but i was 'shy' and quiet and had such a rich inner life bursting to come out and be seen. i needed a container to put it in. I am very sensitive and quiet- i need 'amplicfication' to be seen and heard and appreciated. Painters, musicians, actors, models, photographers- i see them all as AMPLIFYING themselves with their medium of Expression. i crave this romantic dreamlike heightened reality. art is this.

11. Describe yourself in one word.


there's four words for ya!

12. Brutal honesty is working towards progressively becoming a library of useless knowledge, containing everything from the original Star Wars script to the literary works of Kant, Voltaire, and Nietzsche. What do you think?

i think everything can be useful or useless depending on the mind of who is seeing it! i am curious to see what people do with the information in your library.
Very cool discussions/collaborations could occur.
Mixing and matching random words and scenes can plant seeds for some very cool art. i am very much into improvisational Expression. Everything i create is done very stream of consciousness. having a data base of 'useless' knowledge sounds like a very FERTILE soup to create from.

13. Degas said 'Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things' Is this true for you? What goes through your head when you are creating art?

Yes and No. You need to be fully present and in love with your expression to do work with a Spark. Being self aware is one thing-but being self conscious can get in the way of creating 'good' work. what is good and what is bad anyway? The artist her/himself sees the work differently than the viewer. who decides what work and what does not? i agree- that i get into a flow and forget about time/space and get into a trance like zone where i feel at one with my art...and i create the best stuff when in this state. it's like being in a church- feeling at one with god or some powerful being way beyond just my little body...stained glass and inscence and beauty(i am not religious in a tradional sense- but i feel connected to the whole universe in my heart. i like to say 'hear art heart' me- this is a spiritual experience to make art that 'counts' touches and moves people in their deepest self.)

14. Based on your experience what advice to you have for other aspiring artists?

Follow your gut. don't listen to those who disCOURAGE or criticize you. use negative comments for your compost pile and fertilize your creative garden...use positive comments people give you like sunshine in your garden. the real power is inside you. if you feel stuck/blocked or afraid you are not 'good enough' read 'the artists way' by julia cameron. We put to much emphasis of judging things good bad etc. what matters is passion and heartSOUL energy. Create from your inner urge- that is what i try do... and when i get off track and sucked into needing validation from the audience and lose sight of my own passion for the work- i Snap back into myself...that is the paradox= i do this for myself- yet i very much crave an audience. i cannot imagine doing this alone and not sharing it with you! We can all be reflections for each other. giving and receiving all blends 2gther in a circular flow's kinda like sexual intercourse- getting that Energy flow happening...another great book is
'maps to ecstasy' by garbrielle roth. she's an amazing dancer, healer, shamen like trance musician with a band called the mirrors. she is a total inspiration to me.

15. Is the interview going well so far?

Thanks for asking. Yes. i feel very stimulated by your questions. it's a luxury to be asked to go on and on about my feelings on these things! i love it.
it takes away my shame about my self focus. i am used to doing monologues in my journal and on my tv show- it's nice to have a dialogue going on here.

16. What exactly are you working towards? What is your ultimate goal?

To heal and play with Life on Earth. test the limits of what is possible for me. to inspire people to wake up and use their freedom, speak their truth and let go of following the herd of sheep! I am driven to connect with YOU. Since i was playing in the sand box i have wanted to Express in my own special kring way-
until i got my video camera and website i thought i was to sensitive and quiet to share in a public way...
now i discover each day that reality bends and changes with our thoughts about it. what we call reality seems to be very flexible. ( i read a lot of deepak chopra- he inspires me tremendously) My ultimate goal is to find peace within and spread Healing energy outwards to those who need continue learning and growing. to be as authentically me as possible and enCOURAGE others to be real too! Literally, to be as famous as i can for my Expression- it may involve writing books or lecturing around the world at some point. not sure yet exactly what is in store for me. travel, healing, art, communication through the mass media, music, theatre, lights, camera, action!!! it may be on a smaller scale than that...i want to touch people- a few hundred or millions- whatever i can do i am open to it. Breaking free from limitation is a BIG goal of mine. i also am looking for my soulMATE. have not found him yet. ( actually- i have found one of my soulmates- but he's not single so we are as close as can be platonically...the search is on for one of my 'SINGLE' soulmates...i think we all have many soulmates we hook up with- friends, lovers, sons, daughters- they enter our lives in many ways...i want to find my romantic partner. in time i am sure it will happen. i also want to stay in touch with my higher self each day- i get so wrapped up in my eMOTIONS- passion like this is great for art making- but for personal reLATIONSHIPS it can be quite the challenge to keep them going during the rollarcoaster or changing feelings. i seek to allow my feelings to be and blow past like the clouds and know that i am as free and OPEN as the Sky and not at the 'mercy' of the clouds that change every minute.

peace be with you- Love & Freedom, Shannon